Discover the Secrets of Victorian London: The Original Jack the Ripper Tour

Step back in time to the gas-lit streets of Victorian London’s East End, where the chilling legend of Jack the Ripper still sends shivers down the spine. Join us on The Original Jack the Ripper Tour, an immersive journey into the heart of one of history’s most enduring mysteries.

Your Guide: Russell Edwards – The Man Who Solved the Mystery

Led by acclaimed author and Ripperologist, Russell Edwards, this tour offers a unique opportunity to uncover the truth behind the Whitechapel murders. Renowned for his groundbreaking investigation and meticulous research, Russell Edwards is the man who cracked the case, unraveling the enigma of Jack the Ripper’s identity.

Pre Order your Limited Jack the Ripper Comic

Limited Edition: The first 500 copies of “Shadows of Whitechapel: Unmasking Jack” will be personally signed by Martin Griffiths and Russell Edwards, adding a unique and prestigious touch to your collection

Group Tours with Russell Now Available!

ncover the truth behind history’s most infamous serial killer on The Real Jack The Ripper Tour with Russell Edwards. Limited tickets available. Book now!

Get the Book

Unlock the truth behind one of history’s greatest mysteries with Russell Edwards’ compelling book, revealing the startling revelations and gripping narrative that finally unraveled the enigma of Jack the Ripper.

School Tours

Ignite curiosity and engage young minds with educational school tours led by Russell Edwards, offering an enlightening exploration into the captivating history and forensic science behind the Jack the Ripper mystery.

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