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The Jack the Ripper Tour is pleased to offer these special Jack the Ripper School Tours to aid students in their GCSE History.  This tour will explore the development of the police forces in Britain in the nineteenth century, Law and Order in London and Whitechapel in the nineteenth century.

Russell Edwards, author of ‘Naming Jack the Ripper’, gives the true account of the serial killer behind the legend of Jack the Ripper.  After 14 years research and 4 years in the laboratories, Russell Edwards conclusively has named the true murderer behind the Whitechapel crimes.  Unlike any other Jack the Ripper School Tours offered, this tour offers not only the full details of the Autumn of Terror in 1888, but gives the true story of Aaron Kosminski as the man identified as Jack the Ripper.  Aaron Kosminski was named by Donald Swanson (Head of the Ripper Investigation as the time) as ‘The Suspect’.

Some of the questions to be explore is ‘Why was Jack the Ripper able to get away with his murders?’  ‘Why were the police powerless to stop him?’

Jack the Ripper School Tours aiding GCSE with Russell Edwards



Specific emphasis is given to certain areas to aid the GCSE curriculum:

  • Articles describing the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls.
  • Discussion on the Coroner’s report of the death of Annie Chapman
  • The findings of Dr Frederick Blackwell on the body of Elizabeth Stride
  • The evidence of Elizabeth Long at the inquest into the death of Annie Chapman
  • Exploration of local newspapers, the Mile End Vigilance Committee and police notices

This tour, run by Ripperologist Russell Edwards is specifically tailored to meet the needs of GCSE History students.

The details…

Students will find out about the grim and violent area that Whitechapel was during the latter part of the Victorian era.  You will discover what life was like for the poor ‘unfortunates’ and how the mass influx of the Jewish people from Poland had an affect on the highly impoverished area of Whitechapel.

Once Students have had time to absorb the grisly tale of the Rippers last murder, we walk furthand discuss the many classic blunders that the police at the time made.

Throughout the tour we will discuss the Social History of Whitechapel during the Reign of the Ripper, The Ripper Murders, The Autumn of Terror plus two other murders, that of Emma Smith and Martha Tabram.

Finally the fascinating story of how Russell Edwards conclusively proved the true identity of the murderer that was dubbed : Jack the Ripper.

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