Dr Blackwells Findings

At 1.10.a.m. Dr.Blackwell arrived at Dutfields Yard to view Elizabeth Stride. His reported findings are:

The deceased was lying on her left side obliquely across the passage, her face looking towards the right wall. Her legs were drawn up, her feet close against the wall of the right side of the passage. Her head was resting beyond the carriage-wheel rut, the neck lying over the rut. Her feet were three yards from the gateway. Her dress was unfastened at the neck.

The neck and chest were quite warm, as were also the legs, and the face was slightly warm. The hands were cold. The right hand was open and on the chest, and was smeared with blood. The left hand, lying on the ground, was partially closed, and contained a small packet of cachous wrapped in tissue paper. There were no rings, nor marks of rings, on her hands.

The appearance of the face was quite placid. The mouth was slightly open. The deceased had round her neck a check silk scarf, the bow of which was turned to the left and pulled very tight. In the neck there was a long incision which exactly corresponded with the lower border of the scarf. The border was slightly frayed, as if by a sharp knife. The incision in the neck commenced on the left side,     2 ½ inches below the angle of the jaw, and almost in a direct line with it, nearly severing the vessels on that side, cutting the windpipe completely in two, and terminating on the opposite side 1 ½ inches below the angle of the right jaw, but without severing the vessels on that side. I could not ascertain whether the bloody hand had been moved.

The blood was running down the gutter into the drain in the opposite direction of the feet. There was about 1lb. of clotted blood close by the body, and a stream all the way from there to the back door of the club. Dr. Bagster Phillips was also alerted and arrived upon the scene at approximately 2.a.m. and agreed with Dr.Blackwells precise and accurate account.

At 4.30.a.m. the body of Elizabeth Stride was taken to St.Georges mortuary. The description of her remains was: Age about 42, 5’2” in height, hair dark brown and curly, her complexion pale. Eyes were seen to be light grey, upper front teeth missing. The woman’s clothes consisted of a long black jacket trimmed with black fur, an old skirt, a dark-brown velvet bodice, two light serge petticoats, a white chemise, a pair of white stockings, a pair of side-spring boots and a black crape bonnet.