An Ode to Jack the Ripper

In 1888, a gruesome legend came about

A killer who killed women just for kicks

Prostitutes his choice, this remained throughout

One person will decipher how he ticks


In 2007, there was an auction, there for all

In one particular item there was interest

Why, I hear you ask, it is only an old shawl

But for a certain Russell Edwards, it was best


This shawl helped piece together

Gruesome deeds from olden times

And it helped to prove forever

Who was responsible for those crimes


For it unmasked Jack the Ripper

Unprecedented in his day

It gave a foot to fit the slipper

It was Aaron Kosminski in every way


Twas Russell Edwards who unmasked him

But justice for Kominski wasn’t done

He slayed his victims, all were grim

You see, he killed prostitutes for fun


Jack the Ripper still lives on

His story, one that must be told

Tours and speeches to embark upon

For the scared, the brave, the bold


(©) Querky Spike – 2014