The Jack the Ripper Tour

It’s a dreary night in old London, the cobbled streets of Whitechapel are deserted, its lonely and frightening, even more so if you have been abducted by a maniac, one that seems to dislike women so much that he murders them.  Nobody really knows who Jack the ripper was, many have come close to naming him but not quite. Only one man has dared to take the plunge and gather real concrete evidence, in the form of a old shawl bought at auction. Only one man has dared to investigate this shawl, and through his observant eye question the markings that others would have overlooked as being mould.
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Century Old Mystery Solved

Media coverage of Russell Edward's book, Naming Jack the Ripper : New Crime Scene Evidence, A Stunning Forensic Breakthrough, The Killer Revealed.

Amazon: "Bringing together ground-breaking forensic discoveries - including vital DNA evidence - and gripping historical detective work, Naming Jack the Ripper constructs the first truly convincing case for identifying the world's most notorious serial killer."
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